> Puerto Patriada
foto del rio
Puerto Patriada is the name of the lake Epuyen, it's 9 km away of the center of El Hoyo. The way of stones is passable the whole year. You can enjoy an extensive beach of the fine sand, as well as, to walk for an exuberant autochthonous vegetation. In the lake, it can be practided canotaje and other aquatic sports. Is good for fishing of trouts, from the coast or embarked on either side. This is ideal for a pleasant day in contact with the nature. The place has two campings that own the servicese of: hot water, light and shops.

> La Catarata foto de la catarata
La Catarata, is the name for two waterfall over the Corbata stream, with a longitude of 75m, it's 2km away of the center of El Hoyo. The long walk is approximately, half hour until the first waterfall. The way doesn't present great difficulty during the itinerary. You can appreciate a rich vegetation and fauna autochthonuos. As well as incredible panoramic points of the valley.
> La Desemboque foto del desemboque
In the beautiful place situated to 12 km of the center, the river Epuyen pour off its waters to the Lago Puelo. The place is in the province Park Raúl Solari, created in aim to protect a mixed forest to pitras and arrayanes, of more that 200 years.